How To Connect Your CRM To A Microsoft Teams Chatbot

Having to manage a support team and a huge number of customers is a task already daunting by itself. On top of that, add the need to keep track of who did what and when and you will be quickly facing a continuous jump from one tool to another that can easily slow all your process to a crawl. Your customers and contacts are in one spot. Your tickets and contracts are somewhere else. All your team is (luckily!) on …

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website chatbot

8 Awesome Custom Styles For Your WebSite Chatbot

A Website Chatbot has now become a staple of each and every modern home page. From serious corporate web pages to more stylish and graphical personal or small business pages, the small icon at the bottom right (or left!) has become a given. Whether you prefer a more direct, operator-to-person chat, whether you choose a more automated approach, doing a web page today means basically having a chat area somewhere. Today designers struggle with their generic chat platform basic colors …

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Xenioo Forms

Taking your chatbot to the next level with Xenioo forms: 8 Use cases

The latest Xenioo major upgrade brings a brand new feature that will change the way you approach data collection in your chatbot: Xenioo Forms. Here at Xenioo we firmly believe in conversational and standard flow patterns, but we also realized that not everything can be collected by a (long) list of questions as some information are still quicker and more intuitive for the user when presented in a standard form layout. But how can we marry conversations and forms? Xenioo …

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voice chatbots

Building an Alexa Skill With Xenioo (Part 1)

The natural evolution of pure conversational chatbots is probably being transformed into fully functional voice assistants. Alexa, Google Assistant, Duplex and other emerging technologies will seamlessly integrate into our devices and offer conversational interactions that (hopefully) mimic real human interactions. Many have been asking us to make available this kind of integration inside Xenioo and our team have been working around the clock to make it happen. Right now you can design, build and deploy a marketplace ready Alexa skill by …

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Accepting Stripe Payment In Your Chatbot

Many of our customer’s chatbots are lately evolving from generic marketing or first contact automation to fully experienced sales assistants, pointing to specific products and helping the user pick the right one. While all processes and approaches vary from one to another, all of them at some point come to terms with payment management. At some point, you will want to process your user payment for a product, a subscription or a service. This post will explain in detail how …

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