How To Increase Your Chatbot Conversion Rate

If your chatbot target is to create potential leads or groups of people interested in one or more products you are well aware of how lost conversations represent a good percentage of your contacts. A lost conversation is basically when a user drops out of your flow before signing up for your service or completing the list of questions you’ve prepared. How can we get back to the user sometimes later to try to reconnect? Let’s read on and learn …

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How To Connect Your CRM To A Microsoft Teams Chatbot

Having to manage a support team and a huge number of customers is a task already daunting by itself. On top of that, add the need to keep track of who did what and when and you will be quickly facing a continuous jump from one tool to another that can easily slow all your process to a crawl. Your customers and contacts are in one spot. Your tickets and contracts are somewhere else. All your team is (luckily!) on …

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Creating Your First WhatsApp Bot

After introducing Telegram chatbot creation less than a month ago, here at Xenioo we really felt that one more chat platform was missing: WhatsApp (seriously, how many of you are continuously asked about creating a Whatsapp bot?). WhatsApp is among the most common mobile and desktop chat applications. Boasting millions of active users, It can easily be one of the best platforms for customer relations and marketing communication. Today we will see how you can create and deploy a complete …

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website chatbot

8 Awesome Custom Styles For Your WebSite Chatbot

A Website Chatbot has now become a staple of each and every modern home page. From serious corporate web pages to more stylish and graphical personal or small business pages, the small icon at the bottom right (or left!) has become a given. Whether you prefer a more direct, operator-to-person chat, whether you choose a more automated approach, doing a web page today means basically having a chat area somewhere. Today designers struggle with their generic chat platform basic colors …

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chatbot performance

Why measuring your chatbot performance is so important

You have spent countless hours designing and testing your perfect chatbot. Each flow is finely tuned to help your users find their answers and each question funnel is carefully crafted for maximum results of chatbot performance.It is done. It is ready. You publish your chatbot and finally, your job is complete. Right? Wrong. After you finally publish your chatbot and it’s out there in the wild interacting with your users, that’s when the real work starts. Measuring exactly how well …

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voice chatbots

Your guide to voice chatbots – and why your business needs one

Any business owner who had the resources to serve every single customer with a highly trained human agent would do exactly that. Who doesn’t like personal customer service from an attentive, informed customer service agent, or maybe a skilled voice chatbots? The reality is different: cost and competitive pressures mean that most companies can’t afford to employ armies of customer service agents. Economic imperatives imply the use of effective tools such as chatbots. But customers can get frustrated entering text …

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