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Your guide to voice chatbots – and why your business needs one

Any business owner who had the resources to serve every single customer with a highly trained human agent would do exactly that. Who doesn’t like personal customer service from an attentive, informed customer service agent, or maybe a skilled voice chatbots? The reality is different: cost and competitive pressures mean that most companies can’t afford to employ armies of customer service agents. Economic imperatives imply the use of effective tools such as chatbots. But customers can get frustrated entering text …

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voice chatbots

Building an Alexa Skill With Xenioo (Part 2)

In our previous post, we’ve explored the very basic concepts behind the creation of a fully functional Alexa skill with Xenioo. In this second part, we’re going to delve deeper in other parts of advanced skill creation approaching topics like streaming, state management, and live publishing. Playing audio Sending audio to an Alexa device can be done in two ways: you either send a small sample, like a sound effect, or you send a longer and more complex streaming source. …

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