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How To Increase Your Chatbot Conversion Rate

If your chatbot target is to create potential leads or groups of people interested in one or more products you are well aware of how lost conversations represent a good percentage of your contacts. A lost conversation is basically when


Creating Your First WhatsApp Bot

After introducing Telegram chatbot creation less than a month ago, here at Xenioo we really felt that one more chat platform was missing: WhatsApp (seriously, how many of you are continuously asked about creating a Whatsapp bot?). WhatsApp is among


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Building an Alexa Skill With Xenioo (Part 2)

In our previous post, we’ve explored the very basic concepts behind the creation of a fully functional Alexa skill with Xenioo. In this second part, we’re going to delve deeper in other parts of advanced skill creation approaching topics like

voice chatbots

Building an Alexa Skill With Xenioo (Part 1)

The natural evolution of pure conversational chatbots is probably being transformed into fully functional voice assistants. Alexa, Google Assistant, Duplex and other emerging technologies will seamlessly integrate into our devices and offer conversational interactions that (hopefully) mimic real human interactions.


Accepting Stripe Payment In Your Chatbot

Many of our customer’s chatbots are lately evolving from generic marketing or first contact automation to fully experienced sales assistants, pointing to specific products and helping the user pick the right one. While all processes and approaches vary from one


Creating a WhatsApp Dynamic Chatbot

We’ve already seen multiple times how easy it is to add text and visual elements to your chatbot using Xenioo Chatbot Designer. Creating a fully functional WhatsApp chatbot or multi-platform chatbot for Facebook or Telegram or Web can become a task


Integrating IBM Watson Assistant NLP with Xenioo

Together with DialogFlow, IBM Watson Assistant is one of the biggest names in online natural language processing design. Today we’re going to see how we can quickly and seamlessly integrate it using specifically designed Xenioo Actions. Choosing Xenioo Actions The


Debugging Your Bot: Execution Diagram To The Rescue

Building a chatbot with Xenioo is definitively as easier as it gets. The number of templates, tutorials, and the in-application information is steadily growing and can guide you through the creation of your perfect chatbot solution. Indeed, the freedom and


Using NLP to Fuel Your Chatbot AI

Chatbots are quickly evolving and moving from the typical buttons-clicking experiences to a real, meaningful conversational experience. Multiple real world applications demand a deeper user relation and a better general usage experience. While probably not yet passing a touring test,


How to make a Telegram bot with Xenioo

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to set up a bot for Telegram using the Xenioo platform. It just takes a few easy steps! Just like Facebook Messenger, Telegram allows you to run chatbots to automate conversational flows with


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