chatbot Data collection with Xenioo forms: 8 awesome Use cases

Xenioo Forms

The latest Xenioo major upgrade brings a brand new feature that will change the way you approach chatbot data collection: Xenioo Forms.

Here at Xenioo we firmly believe in conversational and standard flow patterns, but we also realized that not everything can be collected by a (long) list of questions as some information are still quicker and more intuitive for the user when presented in a standard form layout.

But how can we marry conversations and forms? Xenioo Forms is our answer to the question.

Using highly dynamic field compositions built directly inside our designer, you can create complex forms that fully integrates with your chatbot flow.

Imagine building a form that can be filled with your chatbot data on-the-fly or a survey that adapts to what the user did inside a conversation. This is entirely possible now and in the following chapters, we’re going to see some real-world use cases.

1. Log In To Your Service

Usually, when your chatbot needs to log in your user to an account is when troubles start.

How do you ask your user to login? Are you requesting a password in plain text that may be seen by anyone overseeing the conversations? Are your users comfortable with giving away credentials inside a chat? Absolutely not (and for good reason!).

Using Xenioo Forms you can now build a fully functional and cool looking login form that will help you collect the data you need and give your users the idea that everything is happening in a specific, secure section of the conversation.

Xenioo Forms: Customer Login

2. Account Sign Up

Signup forms are more complex than standard forms as you often need to make sure that a correct email address has been used or that the password your user is choosing meets some basic security parameters.

Building from the foundation of our experience, Xenioo Forms are not just standard fields but a complete package.

You can build complex, regular expression based rules that will be enforced during data entry and will ensure that your data contains exactly what you expect.

Xenioo Forms: Signup Form on Telegram Mobile

And of course, the experience is built to have a seamless experience whether your user is accessing from mobile or desktop (if your channel of choice has a desktop version).

Xenioo Forms: Signup Form on Telegram Desktop

3. Collect Advanced Feedback

Acquiring feedback from users is one of the cornerstones of successful business.

Doing this on some platforms (like WhatsApp for example) can become a little tricky as advanced controls and contents are not available.

Thanks to Xenioo Forms, creating a full feedback form is now as easy as building your chatbot flow with text and images and have all of the data fly to Zapier (ora any other integration you like) is as easy as it gets.

Xenioo Forms: WhatsApp Feedback Form Sample

4. Make Detailed Reservations

Are you building a booking chatbot? Asking your users detailed questions in a conversational fashion is surely a very nice experience that can be built with Xenioo on every channel but let’s face it: at some point, you’re going to need a lot of information and asking and an endless train of questions may become tiresome at some point.

By being able to integrate complex controls and multiple-choice drop-downs, without writing a single line of code you will create the perfect reservation form in just a matter of minutes.

Xenioo Forms: Booking Example (Side panel option)

5. Collect Information When Offline

Xenioo providers all of the tools you need to set up a great customer support experience for both automatic and operators managed chatbots.

When all of your operators are offline, you can create a fully customized offline form that can collect user’s information for you. As soon as your operators come back online, they’ll have everything they need to contact back your customers!

Xenioo Forms: Collecting data for Offline operators

6. Order Details Completion

Is your chatbot assisting your customer’s shopping? With Xenioo forms you can easily re-create a full checkout experience with all the control on contents, layout, and behavior.

Customizable content allows for even greater flexibility as you can really build whatever functionality you may need.

Your shop can be open 24 hours a day and be available on multiple channels at once.

Xenioo Forms: Order Completion on Facebook Messenger

7. Advanced Search And Filters

Corporate and Enterprise usage of chatbots inside intranets are becoming more common and many Xenioo customers are already using chatbots inside private applications to help and guide their own users.

Moving forward from just helping, the next level of your virtual assistant can be to become an integral part of your application by being the go-to place for wizards, quick searches and reporting.

Why search through an endless list when you can just ask your assistant for last month’s report?

With Xenioo forms you can see how you can fine-tune your results by creating quick forms for search, filter and reporting results.

Xenioo Forms: Custom Filtersi on Web Chatbot

8. Dynamic Coupons And Tickets

Xenioo Forms are so flexible you can use them not just for collecting data. You can also deliver to your users without using any external hosting or web design.

Your chatbot can now easily deliver flyers or discount coupons your users can print or just show whenever required.

Xenioo Forms: Generate discount coupon from Whatsapp

Great! What Do I Need To Start?

The good news is that all you need for all of this is Xenioo. That’s right: no servers and no complex back-end to host your data.

Everything is created and managed by Xenioo and is seamlessly integrated with your chatbot.

All you need is to signup for a free Xenioo account and unleash your creativity!

Have a great example to share? Any questions you want to ask? Drop by our Facebook Group and join an ever-growing community of chatbot creators.

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