Lead Generation Chatbot Example

Lead Generation Chatbot Example: how to generate more leads and grow your business

A Lead Generation Chatbot example is a pre-designed conversational flow built to capture consumer information quicker and efficently.

While standard lead generation form are popular among people, seems like to perform worse when it comes to conversion. On the other hand, a chatbot is known to significantly increase conversion rates thanks to its ability to engage users and focus their attention on the conversation and so enforcing attention to the product.

Here is what you’ll learn in this Lead Generation chatbot:

  • asking questions using a quick reply array
  • asking text and numbers
  • asking email and phone number 
  • using a custom form for booking data
  • send email
  • fallback and restart
  • AI replies

So what are you waiting for? Let’s try it below!

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Available platforms for deploy

bot for whatsapp
chatbot for messenger
website chatbot
bot for telegram
slack bot
bot for smartphone
alexa chatbot
bot for google home

Lead Generation Chatbot FAQs

Lead generation can be defined as the process of attracting and converting prospects into someone interested in your products and services.
Common examples of lead generation strategies are: blog posts, email marketing, social media marketing, live events and seminars, website landing pages and chatbots.

A lead generation chatbot is a pre-designed conversational flow that collects lead information such as name, email, phone number or whatever you need.

The goal of a lead geneartion chatbot is to use intelligent and automated conversation to capture and qualify prospects into potential clients.

A chatbot for lead generation can works for a wide range of businesses, from brick and mortar to e-commerce. It’s specifically suited for any business with an online presence.

A lead generation chatbot can easily out-perform static form since it is known that chatbots significantly increase conversion rates by enforcing user engagement and by focusing their attention on the conversation.

Yes, our lead generation chatbot example (or template) is completely free. However, if you wish to use it on a larger scale, you should upgrade to a paid plan that suits your needs. The Free Plan limit chatbot conversation messages to 500.

You can see our subscripion plans here.

A chatbot built with Xenioo can be deployed in different ways into website and it depends by your lead generation strategy:

– Chat widget (the standard pop-up website widget)
– Embedded
– Full page
– WordPress

Deployment to website is very straightforward and only require you to put few line of javascript code into your page.

Everthing is well documented in our online guide.


Yes, you can clone our chatbot into your Xenioo account and start tweaking it to best adapt it to your brand.

If you aim to use the chatbot on your website, there are plenty of possibilites to customize the styles and the way it should display.

In this article you can discover few examples of custom styles for website chatbots.


Often a chatbot need to exchange data with external tools and software. This is the case where for example you would like to transfer lead’s collected data to a CRM.

With Xenioo you can integrate natively with a lot of external services such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Firebase and many others. However you have potentially unlimited integration with any third-party services using Xenioo’s API calls and webhooks.

For more information you can consult our online guide or contact our support team.

Once the chatbot example has been cloned in your Xenioo’s account, you can translate all the content to the desired language.

You could also manage to provide the same chatbot for different languages.

In this case, the best option is cloning the main behaviour for each language you would like to support.

See here for more details about how to create multilanguage chatbots.

Our chatbot template for lead generation has been built optimized for website. However, it is quite ready for publishing on other channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp.

You can find how to configure every channel supported by Xenioo in our online guide.

If you need  help to get started on some of our channels, just drop a line to our support team.