Survey and Quiz Bot, 5 Use Cases for Your Channels

A Survey and quiz bot is a bot that, as the name implies, helps you to submit surveys to your customers after they complete a task, such as a purchase, download, or registration. When the user receives the message, they are still in Messenger and can complete the survey without having to move to a different website or fill out a separate form.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has radically altered the world of corporate interactions. Chatbots are revolutionizing how businesses communicate with their clients. And when the Chatbot is of excellent quality, the results are generally optimistic. Xenioo is one such name in the market.

Xenioo is a chatbot development tool that allows you to create bots for virtually every live chat interface. It has web page chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and other networking resources. It also has Amazon, Alexa, and Google Assistant options. This way, each bot you build would have an omnichannel experience.

Consider a Messenger quiz bot discord to be your Facebook assistant who converses with your users. You can create your first Messenger quiz chatbot easily with the help of Xenioo.

Why Should You Choose a Survey Chatbot?

It is difficult to persuade the clients to complete surveys. You’re expecting people to dedicate themselves to assisting you until the transaction or interaction is over. They are not benefiting from the survey.

A Survey bot significantly reduces the friction needed for users to respond to your surveys. Instead of sending a common email that can be easily ignored or a pop-up window that can be easily closed, you’re reaching out through a more unique and intimate means.

Dialogflow quiz bot survey benefits:

  • Fast and simple to complete. 
  • Smartphone-friendly. 
  • High participation rates. 
  • Saves survey information in customer accounts.
  • Can lead to additional follow-up content.
  • Exceptional marketing opportunity.

What’s even cooler about a Quiz Bot made using Xenioo, is that it doesn’t take any coding skills. It is fully plug-and-play.

When you build a survey with this bot, Xenioo will send you a link to share with your customers via Messenger.

They may react on their desktop or mobile phone, depending on where they are when they receive the survey.

Customers expect businesses to connect with them through their favorite methods of communication, and Survey bots make it simple to do so by gathering input directly after the customer communicate with the business.

Marketing Pro Tip for Survey Bots: Keep the Survey Design Customer-Centric

Customers are unlikely to complete the chatbot quiz questions or surveys unless they are quick and convenient to complete. Keep consumers engaged by creating short and sweet surveys. If you drag people to a lengthy interview, the conversational format would not work. Consider three questions at most.

It also helps to ask closed-ended questions, such as multiple choices, so that shoppers can easily choose an answer. If you do ask an open-ended question, don’t go overboard. Consider only posing one question per sample.

In theory, you can use their responses to improve the services you provide, but that’s a tough sell right now. So, add meaning, make it easy, and don’t just submit questions; strike up a conversation.

May Chatbots be Used in Place of Standard Questionnaires?

Chatbots were soon established as an intriguing data collection method in the field of social and market analysis.

When conducting an online survey, a chatbot will effectively replace a conventional one. It will be able to ask a series of questions, suggest alternative replies, and consider prior responses: in brief, it will do the job of a typical online questionnaire (CAWI).

Rather with some significant advantages: 

Survey bots enhance the user experience: completing a survey with a chatbot is much more enjoyable and engaging than completing a questionnaire. The conversational framework gives the impression that you are engaging with others rather than being alone in front of an online form. 

Furthermore, the chatbot makes it very simple to configure questions based on previous responses, and we all know that customization is important in terms of user experience. Hence, it is reasonable to expect that converting a survey to a chatbot format would increase response rates.

A chatbot enables you to reach people who cannot be contacted by phone or email. It enables you to meet not only strangers, for example, people who come by the website or page but also connects you with the younger generation of twenty to twenty-five years old, those who are usually unavailable in their emails and phone calls.

A chatbot is natively mobile, so distributing your survey through Messenger, WhatsApp, or even SMS could be more effective than generating a mobile form. 

A chatbot helps you to stay in touch with your respondents: on Messenger, you’ll be able to send out a survey in multiple steps while maintaining the connection. The chatbot is ideal for gathering responses to open questions, but you must also be able to process this sort of response.

Five Best Uses of Survey and Quiz Bot

1. Survey Bot For Restaurant To Know Customer Satisfaction

Restaurants can use surveys to provide customer support by asking for improvements, asking if they are satisfied with the service, and offering special things on the menu. Customer support is a common application for chatbots. If the customer service staff is often asked the same questions, a chatbot is an excellent way to answer any of them. 

You can try now our Survey Bot for restaurant to know customer satisfaction at this link.

2. Gather Input from Customers

Any good company knows the importance of providing exceptional service in the manner that customers want. Customer feedback is a great way to figure out ways to improve. You will achieve a high degree of interaction by adopting chatbot best practices, which inspires users to complete surveys, resulting in a win-win scenario for both businesses and consumers.

3. Product Purchases Should Be Simplified

Although no artificial intelligence can replace a skilled salesperson (at least not yet), survey chatbots programmed to offer new product lines can help you maximize sales and profits. Use the surveys to bring consumers the things they want and to complete quick sales right in the Messenger window.

4. Funny Quiz Bot For User Engagement 

Consider building your chatbot simply to amuse your customers if you wish to create and nurture relationships with them, assuming this approach fits with your brand. Users can choose to accept future updates from you, and you can give them interesting facts, games, and other material that is solely for their entertainment. Funny quizzes often engage more customers into the brand.

You can try now our Quiz Bot at this link.

5. Collect Data For Ads Or Research

Surveys are used by some companies to concentrate exclusively on advertising; they function as an extension of their content marketing policy. These nurture customer relationships and have immediate benefits without requiring the user to do any work.

What About a Real Example?

Below you can try a real chatbot example that provides a survey and a quiz game to a restaurant’s client. Try it right now! Don’t forget that you can look for more chatbot examples here and all of them are available and ready to use in your Xenioo account.

Wrapping up

Join the Survey Chatbot experience under your organization with Xenioo, the best survey bot. With it, you won’t have to code your bot. Xenioo has differentiation tools with tags and variables to handle the audience, in addition to a simple chatbot creator. Allow us to guide you through and give your organization the best customer service it can provide. Connect with us at

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