03 – Xenioo Resources: How to learn building chatbots | Video Course

Xenioo Resources: How to Learn Xenioo

3 - Xenioo Resources: How and where to learn Xenioo

Where to find Xenioo resources?

This is the last introductory lesson before starting to go deep with Xenioo! I’m going to show you where to find all the Xenioo resources that will make you able to easily build chatbots and advanced virtual assistants.

This video course has been created to provide the best basic reference resource for beginners. I have to admit that 3 years ago when I started working with Xenioo, I would have found a course like this very useful.

Of course, I can’t cover every detail of such a huge platform, so I would like to give a quick recap about where you can find documentation and support whenever you need it.


Inside the Xenioo website, as you can see in the top right corner, we have a menu item “Learn Xenioo” that takes you to an in-depth articles page. There you can find articles like how to create a basic WhatsApp bot, how to manage a distributed support team, and many others.

Xenioo articles are very useful because often describe real use cases where chatbot really works.

How To’s

How To’s tutorials are quick and ready-to-use guides that explain how to solve some usual tasks that you could encounter while building a chatbot with Xenioo.

Online Help

Xenioo online help is where you’ll find the official Xenioo documentation. It actually gives you access to the entire documentation regarding the platform. You’ll find every concept and features fully explained. It should become your reference guide and you cannot live without it!

Let’s say, you’re looking for support about buttons. You can type the word “buttons” and you’ll immediately get all the contents about buttons.

search in xenioo resources

If you click the results, you’ll end up on the in-depth page for that topic.

The documentation is very complete, regularly updated and you should often look for another important reason. In fact, Xenioo is continuously updated, new features are added very frequently, so to stay up to date you can go to the Platform Changelog page and see what are the latest updates or what is coming in the next release.


Where can we communicate with Xenioo? There are many ways you can reach the Xenioo team and ask for support.

If you need direct help or communicate an issue, the best way is to reach Xenioo through their support email.

If you want to share your results, ask for help with bot-building, or just contributing, you simply can access Xenioo private Facebook Community.