01 – Xenioo Course Intro: Omnichannel Chatbot Platform | Video Course

Xenioo Course Intro: Omnichannel Chatbot Platform

1 - Intro Course Intro: Omnichannel Chatbot Platform

What is an Omnichannel Chatbot Platform?

Welcome to our Xenioo Free Video Course that shows you all details about our Omnichannel Chatbot Platform. Luciano Zambito will be your guide all the way through the course. He has a deep knowledge of marketing and chatbot business and will walk you step-by-step in using Xenioo to build chatbots that really suit your needs.

Luciano will start by exploring the platform capabilities and then continue with teachings on more advanced concepts such as NLP and API integrations.

Before we begin, it’s important to know that, while you can do most of what is explained with our free features, some lessons require having premium features. So it is highly recommended to upgrade to our Starter plan to take advantage of all the powerful functionalities that Xenioo has to offer.

In this first video and article, my goal is to give you a full overview of the Xenioo platform. You’ll learn about all the main features that will allow you to quickly create and deploy your first chatbot.

Unlike many other bot solutions, Xenioo provides a modern and advanced tool to build and manage chatbots for a lot of messaging and voice-based platforms.

Let’s see which of these platforms Xenioo is currently supporting: Web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Alexa, Google Assistant, Phone, and Custom.

As you can see, Xenioo is not just about the typical chatbot platforms. With Xenioo you can also design and deploy voice and phone assistants using the very same tools and features.

Build your chatbot once, publish it everywhere“: that’s what Xenioo and this course are going to teach you!

One of the main Xenioo features will allow you to publish the same chatbot on multiple channels: through a very simple configuration, you will be able to run the same flow on different channels simultaneously for tens of thousands of users in a very easy and intuitive way.

Chatbot Flow Designer

Xenioo uses a draft-and-publish approach for building a chatbot. This means that you can freely edit and modify your chatbot without affecting the active bot. When you’re done updating your chatbot and executed a full test, you can publish your chatbot and update it for every user.

Thanks to the flexible and powerful Xenioo flow designer, you can easily build channel-independent chatbots in a snap. A visual indicator will alert you if something is not available or only partially available for a specific channel. 

Furthermore, you can build a chatbot flow that dynamically reacts to the channel that is currently hosting it. You can check where your current chatbot is running (Facebook? Alexa?) and change your flow accordingly!

Chatbot Integrations

Do you know that you can extend your chatbot’s functionality to create a truly personalized experience?

Xenioo provides a rich set of actions that easily integrates with external services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, Zapier, and countless others.

Integrating your chatbots with CRM, ERP or any other backend system has never been simpler: with Xenioo you can integrate your chatbot with any system that can communicate through modern HTTP RESTful calls and even with legacy ASMX/svc services!

You can create chatbots that display dynamic content using Xenioo Cloud Scripting. Thanks to the Xenioo object model, you have access to all the chatbot data in real-time via scripting. Imagine the awesomeness of getting data through an API call and using them to generate dynamic chatbot responses?

You have a lot of tools at your disposal to create a truly dynamic chatbot!

Chatbot Conversations & Team Collaboration

What if you need to have one or more team members handling the conversation? No problem! 

With the Xenioo chatbot platform, you have access to a complete conversation console where you can control every exchange between the users and your chatbot. You can search for conversations using the basic search or more advanced filters based on variables. Also, you can manage, edit or delete all of the user information collected by the chatbot along the way. In fact, Xenioo supports multiple privacy flags that can go from a light approach up to making private, inaccessible, and temporary conversations.

You chatbot operators can take over a conversation anytime. When a conversation is taken over, the chatbot stops sending messages from the flow, and your human operator will be able to freely chat with the user, regardless of the channel.

You can easily set up a team of collaborators and configuring them with different roles and permissions. A member may work on testing the NLP section or designing the flow, while multiple operators may have access to the conversation section for giving direct assistance to the users.

Chatbot Privacy and Data Safeness

If you live in Europe like me, you can’t ignore GDPR. I’ve read questions like: “How can I comply with GDPR within chatbots?” hundreds of times.

Xenioo implements controls to ensure privacy and compliance with GDPR rules that cover the user data share during chatbot interactions. Specific Xenioo chatbot actions allow you to build opt-in blocks into your chatbot.

Furthermore, Xenioo provides advanced features to protect conversation data such as hiding users’ profiles or even creating temporary, volatile conversations that are never persisted in any storage.

Xenioo Omnichannel Chatbot Platform is so much more than that!

In this first video, I’ve given you a very general introduction to Xenioo because it is an infinite world full of delights.

In the next video, I’m going to go over the different pricing plans, with their features and differences.