WhatsApp API Providers: Everything You Need to Know for Your Chatbot

WhatsApp is not only the most common messaging app for communicating with friends and families, with over two billion users. Businesses are constantly using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers through their preferred platform. Ever since the WhatsApp Business API was launched, businesses compete to create a WhatsApp package to improve customer satisfaction. You can achieve this quickly, cost-effectively without any coding, thanks to the Xenioo no-code platform.

This article guides you through all that you need to know about Whatsapp API Providers and WhatsApp Chatbot API.

There are many compelling reasons to use WhatsApp Business API; both for you and your clients.

The majority of users use their messenger applications many times a day. WhatsApp is the simplest and most easy way for clients to contact because it is a part of their routine.

Mobile messages have a 98 percent open rate compared to emails, which are just 20 percent. Avoid clogged inboxes by establishing a clear, long-term relationship with your clients.

Messaging helps you respond to customer feedback and answer questions before making a decision, increasing the conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

The WhatsApp for Business API chatbot enables mid and big companies to communicate with their customers all around the world. Although gaining API access used to be difficult, many solution providers make it possible for even small budgets.

WhatsApp API Providers

If the number of chats increases overwhelmingly, it’s time to pay for a paid service like WhatsApp Business API. WhatsApp Business API can assist small and medium-sized companies in communicating with consumers all over the world, allowing them to engage with WhatsApp in an easy, safe, and dependable manner. 

There are several official WhatsApp business API providers that can assist you with the API as well as the authentication process to help you meet your business goals. Verification and an active WhatsApp Business API require three to four weeks. Xenioo supports WhatsApp through external service providers that you can freely choose.

The unofficial business providers such as Waboxapp, Wassenger, and CHAT-API all mostly require some sort of integration, mainly through WhatsApp desktop. The WhatsApp Business API enabled providers, on the other hand, require no integration. Twilio and MessengerPeople are two of the most dynamic providers, with the scope of scaling multiple mobile numbers as per requirement. The other providers like LinkMobility, Kaleyra Cloud, and Sinch offer the use of either a number given by the company themselves or providers like Kaleyra Enterprise, Infobip, and ZOKO use the one provided by the client/user. All of these providers essentially offer the same support of WhatsApp Business.

How to Get Access to the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp is poised to become the most important medium for customer communication as well, as the world’s most successful messaging app and with end-to-end encryption.

However, there is a lot at stake with WhatsApp. If they open their service too widely for business use, the app will simply become the next overloaded inbox, annoying consumers who may then move to an alternative.

Who can Use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp has a stringent commerce policy in place to protect consumers and avoid unwanted trade on its website. Any of these constraints are obvious (e.g. weapons, drugs, gambling). Others are a little shocking (e.g. contact lenses, wigs, food supplements). So closely review the list to ensure that the product or service is appropriate.

WhatsApp only gives a few well-known companies exclusive access to their API.  Many businesses can gain access to the WhatsApp Business API from a Business Solution Provider. These are Facebook’s official partners who provide businesses with quick access to the API WhatsApp.

How to Get Access to the WhatsApp API?

Companies can gain access to the WhatsApp API in three ways:

A) Remote Access: You’ll need a decent direct link to Facebook here (good luck!). You would also include your own IT network, servers, and the ability to develop the whole program or CRM integration yourself. Suitable for businesses with a large number of developer resources and very specific requirements!

B) An API Vendor’s Interface: In this case, the interface is supported by a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Companies will have to need their own development team and IT personnel. MessengerPeople or Kaleyra Cloud provides API, a standard platform for various Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, all of which are GDPR compliant.

C) Make Use of Expert Software Services: If you want to use WhatsApp with your business quickly, without IT resources, but with 100 percent privacy security compliance, Xenioo has a ready-to-use solution for you! With Xenioo, businesses get a ready-to-use tech solution for consumer engagement, complete with an intuitive UI. This is beneficial to all businesses even with less than ten employees.

WhatsApp Business API Profile

The WhatsApp Business profile enables companies to create a presence on WhatsApp by using the WhatsApp Business API. Unlike other chat applications, the profile in WhatsApp will not be searchable, but it is up to the company to advertise its presence. The WhatsApp Business profile for your WhatsApp Business account includes a cover photo, summary, address, email, website, and business hours.

Official WhatsApp Business Account

These accounts have a green tick next to their name that indicates they have been checked by WhatsApp. A WhatsApp company account can be classified as an ‘Official business account’ or a standard ‘Business account’. A company cannot ask or pay to have a ‘Business account’ converted to an ‘Official business account.’

Only some business accounts are now classified as ‘Official business accounts.’ The decision to list a company as an ‘Official business account’ is dependent on several considerations, including whether or not the brand is well-known. There is no formal procedure for this, so you should ask your WhatsApp Partner for assistance if you want to get started.

WhatsApp Chatbots Will Help Your Sales and Service Business

The ease with which WhatsApp can be integrated with a variety of other technical resources such as Dialogflow, PHP, and others results in the fantastic Chatbot WhatsApp API of the future. It is for this purpose that many companies employ Xenioo to provide chatbot development services to build WhatsApp API chatbots.

Join the WhatsApp Bot experience under your organization with Xenioo. Allow us to guide you through and give your organization the best customer service it can provide. Connect with us at https://www.xenioo.com

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