How to quickly clone or move your actions and operations

While building your chatbot you will be doing a lot of moving for actions, operations and general information.

Here are some quick tips on how to make your life easier when using Xenioo chatbot designer.

Moving an action to another interaction

Moving an action to another interaction is done by simply dragging the action you want to move over the target interaction. All actions in the target interaction will move away to make space for the new action.

By moving over other actions you can choose the position of the action.

Xenioo: How to move an action to another interaction

Moving an operation execution up or down

Operations are very useful parts of every action as they give additional options to basic items or just create different flows based on multiple different criteria.

Like Actions, Operations are executed following the order you see on screen when using Xenioo designer.

Using the small up and down arrows you see on each Operation you can quickly change the order to suit your needs.

Xenioo: How to move an operation execution up or down

Cloning an action

Some action can be quite complex and contain multiple Operations and parameters.

To avoid rebuilding multiple similar contents from scratch every time, Xenioo gives you a handy Clone quick-command: by just double clicking an action you can fully clone it.

The new action will be placed in the very same Interaction, right below the original action.

Xenioo: How to clone an action

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