Travel Chatbot Example

Travel Chatbot Example: Help Users Plan a Trip and Book Reservations

A Travel Chatbot example is a pre-designed conversational flow built to help users plan their trips using artificial intelligence.

Do you want to engage with your customers in a new manner? Do you want to give an emotional response to their inquiries? I believe that there is nothing better than answering a customer’s question through a chatbot.

A chatbot in the travel industry is one of the many breakthroughs which will change the course of the travel industry. You can deploy a travel chatbot to increase your bookings, answer common questions, promote special offers, and essentially help users find their ideal holiday.

In the below travel chatbot example, you’ll see live how a user can efficiently plan his/her journey to Italy just by making a room reservation for the selected location and room.

Amazing, isn’t it? Let’s try it now!

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Available platforms for deploy

bot for whatsapp
chatbot for messenger
website chatbot
bot for telegram
slack bot
bot for smartphone
alexa chatbot
bot for google home

Travel Chatbot FAQs

A Travel chatbot is a virtual assistant that provides users with assistance when searching, booking, and planning their journeys.

It uses artificial intelligence and advanced integrations with external services to provide automated responses in real-time. Furthermore, it combines the best of omnichannel customer support, simple interfaces, and user-friendly dialogs. For example, it can help to find flight tickets or hotel rooms.

Travel chatbots are revolutionary pieces of technology that can optimize your customer experience.

Xenioo is the perfect tool that you can use to build a no-code chatbot for your travel agency or hotel business.

There are many reasons why you should use a Travel chatbot.

Traveling can be challenging. Language barriers, different currencies, and time zones can all add stress to an already hectic experience. Wouldn’t it be great to have a travel buddy that could answer all your questions and hold your hand while you’re trying to figure out where to go, what to do, and how to get there?

A travel chatbot can be your virtual assistant in the way that it allows you to book flights, hotels, or find the most popular web content on travel trends.

Yes, our Travel chatbot example (or template) is completely free. However, if you wish to use it on a larger scale, you should pick a subscription plan that suits your needs. The Free Plan limit chatbot conversation messages to 500.

You can see our paid plans here.

There are two ways you can handle the necessity to build a travel chatbot that fits your needs.

  1. Build one from scratch or quickly starting from our template. In both cases, you don’t need any coding skill and often it is enough to modify our chatbot template.
  2. Hire a Xenioo expert. A Xenioo expert could be a member of the Xenioo internal team or one of our partners (agencies and chatbot makers with a deep experience in creating a conversational experience with Xenioo).

Yes, Xenioo provides a wide list of out of the box integrations such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, WordPress, Firebase, Zapier and more.

You can use API calls and Webhooks to provide no-code friendly integrations with any third-party services and tools.

If you have custom integration needs, contact us so we can help set it up.

It is possible to create a multi-language Travel chatbot with Xenioo.

Not all channels are capable to return the user’s language though, so often the best way is to start the conversation just by asking the preferred language.

Once the language is detected, the conversation will be then redirected to the proper translated flow.

Yes, every chatbot can be previewed using our Preview Panel within the flow designer. This is the fastest way you can use to test and debug the chatbot while building it.

You can also test and preview the chatbot using a specific full-page landing page, usually the best way to test on a web desktop or mobile as a final user.

Yes, you can publish the Travel chatbot example on WhatsApp. Just be sure to replace carousels with simple text and images, since Whatsapp does not support them.

You can find how to configure WhatsApp with Xenioo in our online documentation.

If you want help figuring out how to get started with WhatsApp, just contact our team.