Customer Support Chatbot Example

Customer Support Chatbot Example: How To Provide A Self-Service Help Center

A Customer Support Chatbot example is a pre-designed conversational flow that can answer many customer queries on its own, twenty-four hours a day and without the need for human assistance.

A chatbot for customer support can make a terrific contribution to most company’s support efforts. In fact, using existing customer support information and combining it with pre-programmed chat flows and artificial intelligence (AI),  a customer support chatbot can understand many common queries, and answer these queries completely autonomously.

Here is what you’ll learn in this Customer Support chatbot:

  • check and differentiate between customer and prospect
  • customer login form
  • read and update customer data
  • document download
  • fallback with human operator request
  • AI replies

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Available platforms for deploy

bot for whatsapp
chatbot for messenger
website chatbot
bot for telegram
slack bot
bot for smartphone
alexa chatbot
bot for google home

Customer Support Chatbot FAQs

Customer support, also known as customer service or customer care, is the range of services your business offer to help your customer get the most out of your products, such as answering their questions, providing assistance and troubleshooting.

Customer support is important for any business because this lead to customer happines, engagement, loyalty and positive feedback.

A Customer Support chatbot is a specialized conversational flow which aim to provide the best customer experience combining automatic answers to common queries & human agents.

A chatbot for customer service can use programmatic flow to quickly guide customers find the responses they’re looking for. For more advanced scenario, implementing a conversational flow through the use of Natural Language Processing can lead to a more natural and smothless experience.

It depends on your business strategy and priorities, but there’s no doubt that you should consider to use a customer support chatbot to provide a satisfactory customer experience.

There are many reasons why you should use a customer support chatbot. Just keep in mind that a chatbot won’t entirely replace your customer support, but it will be able to bring many benefits to your business.

  • First of all, if you need to provide support 24/7, a chatbot is the optimal and low-cost solution you should consider right now.
  • Instant resolution of queries: customers can find instant help for many of their common queries and chatbots can clearly reduce their wait time. This will boost customer satisfaction.
  • A chatbot is great at dealing with a large number of frequently asked questions or simple repetitive inquiries.
  • A chatbot for customer support can learn. That means that, thansk to AI, chatbot can learn as they serve your customers.

In many cases, a customer support (or customer care) chatbot can deliver excellent if not better results than a customer support agent.

Yes, our customer support chatbot example (or template) is completely free. However, if you wish to use it on a larger scale, you should pick a subscription plan that suits your needs. The Free Plan limit chatbot conversation messages to 500.

You can see our paid plans here.

There are two ways you can handle the necessity to build a customer support chatbot that fits your needs.

  1. Build one from scratch or quicly starting from our template. In both cases you don’t need any coding skill and often it is enough to modify our chatbot template.
  2. Hire a Xenioo expert. A Xenioo expert could be a member of Xenioo internal team or one of our partners(agencies and chatbot makers with a deep experience in creating conversational experience with Xenioo).

Yes, Xenioo provides a wide list of out of the box integrations such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, WordPress, Firebase, Zapier and more.

You can use API calls and Webhooks to provide no-code friendly integrations with any third-party services and tools.

If you have custom integration needs, contact us so we can help set it up.

It is possible to create multi-language chatbot with Xenioo.

Not all channels are capable to return the user’s language, so often the best way is to start the conversation just by asking the preferrend language.

Once the language is detected, the conversation will be then redirected to the proper translated behaviour.

Yes, every chatbot can be previewed using our Preview Panel within the flow designer. This is the fastest way to test and debug the chatbot during the development process.

You can also test and preview the chatbot using custom bot URL, the best way to test on web desktop or mobile as a finale user.

Yes, you can publish the customer support chatbot example on WhatsApp.

You can find how to configure WhatsApp with Xenioo in our online documentation.

If you want help figuring out how to get started with WhatsApp, just contact our team.