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With our Chatbot Platform you can automate conversations between companies and people across a wide range of different text and voice channels.

Design, deploy and analyze conversations on multiple channels with our chatbot platform

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WhatsApp Chatbot

Connecting with your customers using their favorite messaging app has never been easier.
Xenioo WhatsApp chatbots are powered by the best WhatsApp Business API providers.

Chat Flow Designer of our Chatbot Platform

An advanced editor for building chatbots without writing a single line of code

Chat Flow Editor

Thanks to a sleek and intuitive interface you can quickly and efficiently design your chatbot just like you’d design a mental map.
Move, drag and drop and zoom in and out to design your chatbot. Working on even the most complex chatbots has never been easier.

Actions and Operations

Build every chat interaction imaginable, just choose from the many actions and operations available: inputs, cards, carousels, images and much more. Xenioo allows you to set variables, tags and conditional switches to define the path of your chatbot.

Preview and Debug

Through a powerful preview feature, you can test how your chatbot is working and makes changes live before publishing it. The Execution Diagram makes it possible to know what happens behind the curtains of any chatbot, so finding issues and fixing errors is much easier.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Build your chatbot once, publish it everywhere

Channel Configuration

A Xenioo chatbot can be activated on all common channels, with no restrictions.
By seamlessly integrating your chatbot with every component you built on every platform, you can be sure to have the same functionality everywhere.

Fast Publication

Xenioo uses a draft-and-publish approach for every chatbot.
This means that you can freely edit and modify your chatbot without affecting the active bot. You can then publish an update after executing a full test, just as the designer signs off.

Abstract Design

Easily build channel-independent chatbots thanks to the flexible Xenioo designer. Our designer alerts you when a feature is not available or is only partially available for a particular channel. Furthermore, you can build a chatbot flow that dynamically reacts to the channel that hosts it.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of Xenioo’s AI engine to engage your users using meaningful chatbot exchanges

NLP Engine

Xenioo provides a powerful built-in NLP engine that supports complex and multilingual expressions including entities and multiple levels of synonyms.
Build intents and create chat flows based on user input.

AI Training

Create intents and expressions, train your chatbot, check conversation results and refine the learning process.
Creating a real conversational chatbot with Xenioo is a breeze.


Xenioo chatbots can transparently use the cutting-edge NLP functionality of Dialogflow and IBM Watson in any chatbot application, on any channel.
Reusing your know-how and extending chatbots created on these platforms is extremely simple thanks to Xenioo.

Team Collaboration

Collaborating across multiple chatbots has never been easier!

Build your team

The Xenioo team feature allows you to create a dedicated group of collaborators for each chatbot.
Thanks to the multi-account login, each collaborator can access different teams using the same credentials.

Assign roles

Manage access and team functions by assigning roles such as supervisor, operator and designer, or creating custom permissions.

Backup & Restore

Through the backup and restore features, you can make offline copies of your work or share them between different accounts.

Switch to Xenioo!

Have you already created chatbots with other chatbot platforms?
Our team of specialists can help you swiftly migrate your existing chatbots to Xenioo.
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Extend your chatbot functionality to create a truly personalized experience

Thirdy Party Services

Xenioo provides a rich set of actions that easily integrates with external services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, Zapier, and countless others.

API Integration

Integrating your chatbots with CRM, ERP or any other backend system has never been so simple.
With Xenioo you can integrate your chatbot with any system that can communicate through modern HTTP RESTful calls.

Dynamic contents

You can create chatbots that utilize dynamic content using Xenioo Cloud Scripting. Thanks to the Xenioo object model you have access to all the chatbot data in real-time via scripting. Imagine the awesomeness of getting data through an API call and using this data to generate dynamic chatbot user responses?

Integrated Customer Support

The ideal tool for managing chatbot conversations that provide full support to your users

Manage Conversations

In Xenioo you have access to a console for complete control of conversations between users and chatbots.
Search for conversations through filters based on pre-built audiences based on variables and tags.
Manage, edit or delete all the user information collected by the chatbot.

Manage Operators

Seamlessly hand over chatbot conversations to live operators that can interact directly with the user, perhaps because the conversation has been assigned to the operator by a supervisor.
Conversation can also be redirected to an operator by the chatbot: logic including "talk to an operator" is already widely supported and available in Xenioo.

Privacy & GDPR

Xenioo implements controls to ensure privacy and compliance with GDPR rules that cover the user data share during chatbot interactions.
Specific Xenioo chatbot actions allows you to build opt-in blocks into your chatbot.

Become a Xenioo Partner

Xenioo offers competitive solutions for agencies and resellers who wish to become official partners, benefitting from our innovative chatbot platform
and our attractive revenue system.
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