Creating Your First WhatsApp Bot

After introducing Telegram chatbot creation less than a month ago, here at Xenioo we really felt that one more chat platform was missing: WhatsApp (seriously, how many of you are continuously asked about creating a Whatsapp bot?). WhatsApp is among the most common mobile and desktop chat applications. Boasting millions of active users, It can easily be one of the best platforms for customer relations and marketing communication. Today we will see how you can create and deploy a complete …

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chatbot performance

Why measuring your chatbot performance is so important

You have spent countless hours designing and testing your perfect chatbot. Each flow is finely tuned to help your users find their answers and each question funnel is carefully crafted for maximum results of chatbot performance. It is done. It is ready. You publish your chatbot and finally, your job is complete. Right? Wrong. After you finally publish your chatbot and it’s out there in the wild interacting with your users, that’s when the real work starts. Measuring exactly how …

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Creating A Top-Notch Google Assistant Action With Xenioo

A little less than a couple of months ago, we released a brand new Xenioo channel enabling Alexa publishing. Today we’re thrilled to update our channel offer with yet another voice platform: Google Assistant! In this post we’re going to explore how the multi-channel approach of Xenioo works and how you can publish your chatbot as a Google Assistant Action. First things first What you need to start testing your Assistant Action is, of course, a Xenioo account and a …

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Learn How To Create A Telegram Group Chatbot

In a previous tutorial, we saw how to create and deploy a Telegram chatbot using Xenioo. While we did cover the basics of single and group conversations and the concept of bot privacy, we didn’t go into the depths on how to fully manage a Telegram group chatbot. This time we are going to see exactly this: we will create a very simple chatbot that will act as a group manager and moderator. Telegram Privacy Mode When building you chatbot using …

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